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a bikini blow-up. the mistake that sent one vacationer.. into a rage. --- expect lows below freezing.. ann even snow for the weekend. how much to expect.. and what parts of the state will see the moss.. in my skywatch forecast. -------------------------------- ---- too young for facebook. the age your kids can get their own profile.. and the steps you can takeeto get them ready for a life online. -------------------------------- a funeral for a war hero.. 66 years after his death. (calvin bayye) "he deserves to be home he deserves to be buried by his ocal people.. thats it" it" the technology that's finally reuniting a dundalk family. 3 / good evening i'm karen parksjeff barnd is off tonight..first on fox....a baltimore city man is in a
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coma ---- recovering from injuries tonight.. but no one seems to know how he got hurtt. and there's one more crucial piece of information ámissingá kkith daniels... live at shock trauma... where the victim'' family is looking for answers.. keith. keith. karen... the man's ame is luis butcher.. he's 44. doctors say he's in critical conditioo..............andd tonight a family is trying to understand.. how it happened. happened. at the university of maryland medical center.. carlton butcher ann her daughter christian.... have questions.....(carlton) "we need to know where he was found at?".........concerns about aafatherr...(christian) "maybe someone seen what happened before he got layed &pon the ground.." ..........anxiousness forra husband....(carlton) "if he was found on a street, we want to now what street..... .........luis butcher arrived at the medical center's shock trauua monday night with severe head aad face injuries. the hospital had to family to contact &p...........butcher says, hospital staff told her a fire department ambulance, medic unit 15, delivered her
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paramedics found him lying on a city street.(keith) "but forr now, fire officials can't confirm that pickup.. there's that indicates whether it happened or not.."(carlton) "we looking for nswers...." officials say they're iivestigating.. and &pavailable.....(chief ould be - cartwright) "typically when paramedic units respond, treat and transport anyone, there has to be some documentation. that information is transferred into a data base system at the medical instiiutions.."............and despite butcher's history of frequent seizures, one of them resulting in a black eye, now the family suspects this ime he may be the victim of an assault.(carlton) "his eye brooe....".............more unanswered questions.. for a "i'm very upset and frustrated because first of all, he didn't deserve that. nobody deserves to be laying at shock trauma in critical condition from being assaulted. nobody,
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especially nnt my children's father. it's just unfair, it's unfair.. so far.. there's no police investigation.... the family says without having details.. and those critical questions answered.. police report.....std out a fire quickly engulfee a home in eastview this afternoon --- and home. this is the house tonight ---looking in through blown out windows --- you can see the entire insidd is charred and melted.the flames spread to a neighboring house --- and also left extensive smoke and fire damage.pets inside the initial house were killed ----but no one else was hurt.right word on a cause. swat teams surround a house in south baltimore... where a woman is held hostage. it
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began about 10-30 this morning... when a man.. believed to be armed... barricaded himself insidd a house on berea road in chhrry hill.police blocked streets for several hours... and placed students on lock down at nearby arundel elementary middle school.the standoff came to an end... when the 31-year-old hostageewas released unharmed.the suspect has been arrested. new details in a story you saw first on fox... a baltimore county police sergeant is under nvestigation... after witnesses say he attacked a myranda stephens is here with why the sergeant says he's the real victim in this case. sergeant cole weston is a 27-year veteran of the police force... and has been head of the f-o-p since the mid-90s. but witnesses say heewasn't acting like a police officer... when they say he no reason. 3 316:47 i don't know what's goinn on 47 hossein taranpisheh is still shaken after being the victim of an living in baltimore and this
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is first time i see something happen to me 25the 51-year-old cab driver says just before midnight wednesday... he dropped off a customer in parkville... when another man approached his customer... and started askingghim questions. sean 9:58 telling me that he doesn't want drug dealers ii this neighborhood and he's tired of drug dealers in his neighborhood 04 the man then started questioning hossein. but when hossein told him to get away from his car...he says the man hit him in the head... and pulled out a gun. hossein 13:54 he's coming to my car and hitting my ear, and pulling the gun in the back and showed like this into my face 04hossein's customer ran and called police... but as it turns out... the man they say was attacking hossein was 48- year-old baltimore county pplice sergeant cole weston. a 27-year veteran offthe force... and head of the police union. sean 1045 i never knew who he was period 47 but westoo - who also called 9-1-1 that night... tood
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police a different story. he says it was the men who were confrontational... which is why he pulled out his gun and identified himself as police. he says he never pointed his gun at anyone or assaulted anyone. police, howeeer, confirm the off-duty officer &phad been drinking that night... but so far.. he has not been charged. 40:55 it's being investigated by the internal affairs section and uh, once it's been reviewed by the state's attorney's office, it'll be determmned exactly where the iivestigation goes next 07 sean 12:01 i just don't believe that guy should he shouldn't be able to keep his badge if he's ggtting drunk and pulling his gun out on ppl and just assaulting them and accusing them of things that are not even going on. you just can't do that 14 weston is also the head of his community association. police say he oes administrative work for the ddpaatment... but if he is charged... he will likely face suspension. myranda stephenss fox45 news at ten. 3
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new tonight --- a baltimore city firefighter convicted for 10 couuts of child pornography won't see any jail time. time.philip hodge lives on deerfern crescent in north baltimore ...hodge admitted that he had downloaded child porn --- and shared it online. he was senttnced today to 3 yearsssupervised probation. originally he was facing 4 and a half years in prison. prince george's county councilwoman --- leslie johnson --- is facing conspiracy chhrges....fbi agents raided her and her husband --- countyyexecuitive jack johnson's home last fall. they say she flushed a 100 thousand dollar check --- ann stuffed thousands in her bra. the charges are n connection with a federal case that pndicttd her husband for exxortion and bribery.if leslie johnson is convicted -- she could face up to 20 yyars in prison. 3 fight back against crime.. and - take wanted fugitives off the
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streets. we're opening up our fugitive files tonight.. hoping you can help put a pair of suspects behinn bbrs. joy lepola is live at the warrant apprehension task force headquarters in north baltiiore with the latest on the fugitives. our fugitive ffles hotline is open.. and detectives are standing by. we have two suspects tonight. watch closely.. you might have the clue that leads to their ca. capture. 30-year old keith chesley is wanted ffr armed november.. police say chesely robbed a woman at knifepoint while she was in her home. keith chesley has a twin brother.. and officers want to be sure they pick up the correct pprson. keith chesley is 5-feet 10- inches ttll and eighs 175 poun. pounds. 25-year old darry stokes is wanned for robbery and burglary. police say he kicked in the rear door of a woman's house.. assaulted her.. and stole her purse. darryl stokes is 6-feet 1-inch
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if you have any information on these suspects.. call our fugitive all calll are kept strictly confidential. also witt us tonight... commander of the warrant apprehension task force liuetenant colonel jesse oden. he has more on these suspects.ááákeith chesleyááá the number again is 410-637-8970.. and we will heck back in on fugitive files later this hour. meebers of the westboro baptist church have
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been picketing the funerals of years. but it was a funnral in carroll county that prompted a lengthy court fight over their constitutional rights. as john rydell reports... local and state officials are now examining proposalssto further restrict protesters... protesters... in hampstead...residentssstill fondly remember...marine lance corporal matthew snyder. he died in iraq...four years ago this month. "that young man &pwent to high sshool with my son, it's a terrible situation."but residents are still angered by what his funeral. ((chanting))a members of the westboro...baptist church. it sparked...a battle over free speech. in the end...thh supreme court... sided...with the first amendment. (russell) "if you've ever loot anybody the pain is so bad anyway, how could people do that i just don'ttunderstand it." but with the funeral of marine staff sgt....jamee malachowski...set
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for this monday...carrrll county officials...are examining he lawthat restricts...protesterss (shoemaker) "i mean it's absurd to me that we have to take steps to even contemplate legislating common decency." (rydell) "state aw currently prohibits any proteeters from getting within 100 feet of a house of worship.""but a bill before the general assembly would expand that buffer zone from 100 feettaal the way out here to 500 feet." (shoemaker) "i would prefer that they would be in the next county someplaae but 500 feet may be right, could be a thousand." carroll county commissioner haven shoemaker...says the county is trying to strike a proper balance...of protecting grieving families...without infriiging on free speech. (shoemaker) "respect for someone who made the ultimate preedom."residents just hope that the only ones who show up
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at the ffneral of sgt. malachowski...are his family and friends.(russell) "they've died, they're gone, why should that family any more grief."in neww at ten. an attorney for the a.c.l.u... says he finds the actions by members of the westboro baptist church offensive.but he opposes further rrstrictions on protesttrs...which heesays would violate the first amendment. the remains of a war hero from dundalk are coming home soon. it's a moment --- one man has waited more than 6 decades for. as kathleen cairns reports tonight, the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of his brothers remains.... has finally been solved. solved. calvin bayne always admired his older brother, kenneth: (widdr with photos.. )"nine years older." calvin is now 83, but has spent most of his adult life wondering what happened to kenneth. &p(calvin bayne) "its been 66
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years... to the day.. monday." the family was notified by telegrammwen kenneth was killed in world war two. but details about his death were sketchy, and where his remains ended up: a mystery: (callin bayne) "no booy knew..that was it... that was it!"but calvin: a devout catholic... relied on his faith.. and when dna testing began on military answered:(calvin bayne) "im at peace now that they found his remains and were gonna be able to put him away right.. what i got. (cairns .and thats standup)"for 66 years.. kb body has been buried in france in an unmarked grave...not far from where he died in 1945.. it back here.. to oaklawn ring - cemetery... to be buried alongside family members." (calvin bayne) "he deserves to be home he deserves to bb buried by hii local people.. ttats it"kenneth bayne was
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just 27 when he earned the bronze star and purple heart.. (calvinnbayne) "oh yeah.. everyone of those medals he deserves. (nodding) yep" now war hero... are finally - heading home. in balttco kc fox 455news at 10 3 the bayne family is now just waiting to find out from the military when the remains will be sent to maryland, so ttey 3 in my 25 ears as a professiinal airline pilot i've never seen anything happen like this. an air traffic controller asleepp-- as a plane is trying to much experience the controller has --- and why he may have made the mistake... radiation concerns heightened at the fukishima nuclear plant in japan....what some workers discovered --- and what happened to them ...
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air traffic contrrl procedures are being reviewed nationwide.. after a a shift at washingtor reagan international. patrice harris tells us the employee might have been overwo. overworked. = the sole air traffic conttoller on duty at reagan national airport on wednesday morning told feeeral investigators that he fell asleep for a period of time during his shift. he's not being identified.. but we know he's a supervisor with 20 years
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experience, 17 right at reagan national airport. he's been suspended during the course of this investigation and was given an drug test. he told investigators this was the fourth consecutive overnight shift he was working anddnow hummn fatigue issues are being looked into. still the chief of the f-a-a is steamed about the airline pilot i've never seen anything haapen like this. i'm outraged by it, we're going to have an investigation and we're going to get to the bottom of it, we're going to find out what happened. transportation secretary ray lahood immediately ordered changes requurinn the staffing level to be two air traffic controllers in a tower during the overnight shift, saying in a statement, quote, it is not acceptable to have just one controller in the tower managing air traffic in this critical airspace. but the good nnws is, investigators say the 165 passengers and crew members on board those two planes that landed unassisted were neverr in harms way. patrice harris fox45 news at
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ten. in libya tonight --- qaddafi missiles have killed nnocent civilians.he showed this home in a farming community near tripoli -- saying the smashee windows and shrapnel are proof. u-s and british officials insist no civilians have been killed during the campaign -- trying to paint coalition - forces in a bad light. more countriessare banning some food from japan --- and now there's word that the nuclear crisis may be worse than expected.. expected.. as jaaanese officials say there ámaaá be a breach in the core of reactor unit 3. two workers discovered water á10-thousand timesá more radioactive than levelssfound in water in áorá around a typpcal reactor. the contaminated water left burns on their skin. edano says: "we are trying to clarrfy the fact why there was highly radiated water insiie the exterior building of the
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reactor, how it entered there and how it ggt radiated." radiated."today the european union agreed to conduct stress tests on áallá of their nuclear plants by the eed of the year. a powerful 6-point-8 earthquake rocked myanmar todaa --- it cracked opennthis road --- like a cooked pie have crumbled -- and more than 70 people are dead --- it was so strong... away in thailand and vietnam. the u-n and red cross are providing aid. 3 the senate approved a "scaled back" version of he medical marijuana bill thursday.anyone caught with pot forrmedical reasons... will not be prosecuted or fined.but users must have a doctor's note as evidence of their medical need. the bill now moves on to the house. drinking in maryland could cost more.the senaae budget committee approved a measure... that would phase ii a 3-percent hike... for beer, wine and liquor sales.alcohol
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in bars and liquor stores is currently taxed at 6-peecent. but that will increase to 9- percent... in three years. (brinkley) "i understand there are certain needs thaa some with it but at the same time, i don't think that's the solution o what we have." have."the senate is expected to debate the bill next week. despite all the political fighting.. the alcohol tax brings very little monny into the statt. state. the revenue for all of fiscal year 2012 is 34--oint-3 billion dollars. dollars. funding from the alcohol tax and alcohhl licenses brings in 31 and a half million dollars. dollars. compare that to tobacco related taxes.. which brings in almost 413-million dollars. 3&students at james moser elementary school raised a thousand dollars for the leukemiaaand lymphoma society. society.these elemennary students collected spare &pchange for 33weeks ---- as part of the pennies for
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patients program.the foundation honored one kindergartener for his efforts. "and ketrell here lost his sister to luekemia and his class was instrumental and he was instrumental in helping his class win he competition." the pennies for patients prrgram raised ver 200- thousand dollars in maryland last year --- they're hoping this year. se to 300-thousand - it's bitter cold again ---and we could actually see snow this weekend... weekend...let's go straight to meteorologist emily gracey for the details on this spring snow. snow... 3
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long llnes at area convenience stores... as people buy tickets for tonight's mega millions drawing. drawing.the aaount at stake?... 312 millions dollars. winners choosing the cash option... will walk away with 198 million dollars before taxes. "i would speed it on rescuing animmls and helping my mom who has ms and helping my family." family."the highest ega millions jackpot reached 390-
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million in 2002. stay with fox45 tonight...we will bring you the mega-milliins numbers as soon as they are drawn...tonight on the late edition at 11 3 a bikini brawl at a burger joint ---what started the battle... 3 3 power to help ou have the 3
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you have the power to help clean up the streets of baltimore. we've opened up our fugitive files again.. and we're highlighting two wanted suspects. detectives are ready tootake &pyour call... our fugitve file hotline is always open.. the number is 410-637-8970. here are the fugitives we're looking for. for. 30-year old keith chesley is wanted for armed robbery. inches tall and weighs 175 poun. pounds. 25-year old darry stokes is wanted for robbery and burggary. darryl stokes is 6-feet 1- innh tall and weighs 150 pounds. pounds. if you hhve even the smallest piece of information on these suspects.. call our fugitive files hotline at 410-637-8970. all calls are kept confidential. and.. lieutenant colonel jesse oden.. commander of the warrant apprehension tass force joins us.áádarryl stokesáá the number again is 410-637-8970.
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again is 410-637- the number again is 410-637-8970. we will check back in with our fugitive iles a 3 "the conduct they have
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online and offline affects their future, too young for faaebook??hoo many children get the boot for trying to have a facebook online profile could have down the road... a woman... wearing only a bikini... goes berserk at a fast food restauarant... what started the brawl... coming up
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3 3
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washington's cherry blossoms are starting tt bloom for the 99th time --- but this year the occasion is bitter-sweet. the cherry trees were gifted to the u-s back in 19-12 by a mayor in japan as an offerrng
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japan is dealing with the w as - aftermath of a devastating earthquake and tsunaai --- the u-s is gifting back with cuttings from the original prees. "it absolutely was done for symbolic reasons. it is to show, purposefully to show, the gift of friendship and peace and the wonderful diplomatic relationssip that the people of the united states and japan have." have." the two week long spring celebration starts tomorrow when 3-thousand &pyoshino cherry trees are expected to blossom. a woman wearing nothing but aa bikini is blamed for starting a whopppr of a brawl at a florida burger king. king.cell phone video captures it all. the lady in the skimpy swim suit was reportedly not satisfied with her burgers. she jumps over the counter and attacks the cleek. then she grabs a waaer jug... and swings it at other employees... sending straws and napkins flying. the woman was later arrested.
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how young is too young for social networking?according to facebook... anyone under the age of 13. with some 600 million users and ccunting... facebook boots rouggly 200 thousand of its underage users every day.but despite age miiimums for facebook and other social networking sites... kids continue to find their way onn there...many times without parental consent.experts warn... it can lead to trouble "the conduct they have online and offline affects their future, it affects their reputation, it affects what jobs they might get in the futu" future."experts instead everloop.they're social like -3 networking sites for kids... that require parental guidance to get started.they only allow kids to connect with other graduatt to more matuue sites. that brings us to our question of the day. is 12-years old too younn to be on facebook? 62 percent of you said yes... yes...tamika writes"i think
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facebook should be for ages 21 and up." up."but nem says---"i think 10 is too young to be on pacebook. but 12 is in the middle. i think it is baseddon the maturity level of the child. if the parent guides the child abouu how to handle t" themselves..." go to fox-baltimore dot com . ttll us what you think. sound off thru facebook. send us a tweet at foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45-203. enter fox45a for no.hear more responses tonight on the late edition at 11. 3 swallowing handfulls of vitamins everyday may give you the extra bit of nutrients your diet isslacking --- the one hing all those supplements aren't goiig to protect you from... you can fight
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crime in baltimore.. just by dialing the phone. it's our fugitive files. files. joy lepola is live in
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north baltimore with the latest on the search for our suspects. we are the warrant appreeension task force headquarters. you can see detectives are busy taking calls frommpeople that might have seen or know the whereabouts of our two fugitives. our hotline will remain open through the late edition.. the number is 410-637-8970. one small help solve a crime. crime. 30-year old keith chesley is wanted for armed robbery. keith chesley is 5-feet 10- inches tall and weighs 175 poun. pounds. 25-year old darry stokes is wanttd for robbery and burglary. darryl stokes is 6-feet 1- inch tall and weighs 150 pounds pounds if you have any information on these suspects.. call our hotline....410-637-8970. warrant apprehension task force commander lieutenant colonel jesse oden has been with us all night.. 410-637-8970.gain is it will remain open
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through the late edition at 11- thirty. 3 taking multivitamins will not protect you from cancer or
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heart disease... according to a new study. hawaiian researchers followed nearly 200-thousand people over eleven years ... they tracked how many vvtamin users died and the cause of death... what they found... suggests multivitamins don't affect your risk for contracting heart disease or cancer.a parger clinical trial is underway. 3 drama unfflds on the results dold is here with a recap.ace recap. one of american idol's standout stars.. gets put in the bottom two. thh person with the lowest # of votes and in danger of leaving us sang for survival.. after rams coming in last place with america. singing nats so would the judges use their one save of the entire season.. o keep casey this
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this is crazy wrong we made a decision to keep you on ááalmost passes outááwhy would you do that omg omg ááshaking handsáái cant believe it!slams deskhugs ryan remember.. we are still at the top 11... so the save was used very early in the season.but the judges talked about it after the show.. it seems they do not have one regret. lopez says: ... it's just like, no, we can't let this happen. this is one of the best musicians i think american musicality his performance quality, everything. tyler says: "... you see, casey iss the wholl thing. out of everybody out there, he not only plays a stand up base, there's not frets... he hits the properrnotes and sings harmony with it. who does that? so he's so gifted and he's so up in his head and he doesn't even know what he's doing. he's like the chicken
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that breaks out of the egg and he's a full grown rooster - (tyler makes rooster sound) ohh..steven.american idol continues next wednesddy and thursday night at 8 right here on fox45.candace dold fox45 3ews at ten. - . one of the oriiles startiig pitchers leaves the game after being hit by a line drive... the severity of his injury... next in sports... 3
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at shopping online. friending absolutely everyone. playing online war games with stoner burnouts. exposing us to horrible viruses that could strip-mine our database, leaving me and my employees recycling bottles and cans to pay our mortgages. over my dead body. i switched to kaspersky. no matter who you are, we've got you covered. kaspersky. the most advanced internet security software. the orioles get quite a
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cunningham joins us now in sports unlimited with an update on brad bergesen's injur. injurr... .coming uu tonight on sports un. unlimited... .brad bergesen takes a liner off his arm... what they're serious it is....the blast were hoping for their 6th championship since 2003... could they take down their arch rivals,the milwaukee wave at 1st mariner arena???....and maryland football could be facing tuff sanctions from the ncaa... why they're in danger of losing several scholarships... .sports unlimited starts right now...

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